Blackrock Mountain in Hearthstone?

The rumor is already spreading on the net. Hearthstone could have a new expansion centered around the famous World of Warcraft setting , Blackrock Mountain .

The possibility that this new expansion will arrive has appeared after the update of the last and small Hearthstone patch . After the installation of this, in the data that has been incorporated into the game, certain aspects have been sighted that could reveal that the next expansion of the game will be focused on Blackrock Mountain . The clues that show this are several. On the one hand, two new card backs have appeared, one called “ Ragnaros ”, the character from World of Warcraft and another called “ Molten Core ”, the instance that was on the Blackrock Mountain map.. The Ragnaros back can be obtained by playing ranked games, while the Molten Core back is unknown. On the other hand, a new achievement has also been leaked that will be available: “purchase brm presale” , that is, buy brm (short for Blackrock Mountain) in presale.

The upcoming PAX East will determine if this is the next expansion Blizzard will bring to Hearthstone . It should be remembered that it was at this event that the game was announced and in which the first expansion of the video game was announced last year: “The Curse of Naxxramas”.

Blackrock Mountain was a setting in World of Warcraft that featured the first two 40-person raids in the game. These were Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. In Molten Core precisely, the final boss was Ragnaros. However, this character is already in the game, so one of the characters that could be new to the deck of cards is Nefarian, the final boss of Blackwing Lair.

PAX East will take place on March 6 and we will probably be able to find out if there will be a new expansion for the game or if Blizzard is playing with users.

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