DreamHack Valencia will host the FACEIT League finals

DreamHack and FACEIT have teamed up to offer a greater spectacle to the attendees, also offering the possibility of witnessing the finals of the FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 .

The DreamHack Valencia event will be held on July 16 , 17 and 18 within the Valencia Fair, in principle it was going to host its DreamHack Open circuit with a final prize of $40,000 , with seven stops until the end of the year as already we detail you .

But after the agreement with FACEIT , DreamHack Valencia has been the venue selected to host the face-to-face finals of the FACEIT League Stage 2 with a total of $150,000 at stake and, without a doubt, the best teams on the European scene.

There will be neither a qualifying phase nor invitations to this tournament, since the eight teams that will attend are already stipulated by the respective positions in the divisions of the FACEIT League in Europe , America and Oceania . After the agreement, Michael Van Driel , DreamHack Project Manager , wanted to leave a few words in the statement released by the company.

DreamHack is really excited to partner with FACEIT in Valencia and join forces.

With more and more CS:GO tournaments popping up with the exploding title and popularity, teams are really exhausted and fans are overwhelmed by all the content they are getting to enjoy this year.

With this alliance we are sure that we have taken a decisive step in the growth and balance of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ecosystem.

All the teams that want to participate or are interested in the DreamHack Valencia BYOC tournament can find all the details here . It will also have a total of $5,000 in prizes .

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