ESL One Dota Series 2 will give away $1 million

ESL has just announced that it will quadruple the prizes awarded at last year’s ESL ONE . Based on a comparison of prizes awarded in e-Sports tournaments we could say that Dota 2 is the most beneficial game for its professional players.

The current record for the largest prize awarded in an e-Sports tournament is held by the championship played in Seattle, USA, The International 2014: Dota 2 Championship , which distributed the exorbitant figure of 10,900,000  dollars.

Coincidentally, second place on the top prize list also belongs to Dota 2, the Dota 2 Asia Championships , which was played last month for $ 3,000,000 . Surely you have already guessed it, the third place also belongs to Dota 2, specifically to The International of the year 2013 , which far from reaching the prize that it would distribute the following year, although in a not insignificant way, it distributed 2,800,000 dollars.

The fourth place belongs to Smite and the next three to League of Legends , but that’s another story, although if you’re curious, here’s the top 100 biggest prizes in e-Sports tournaments . They say that comparisons are hateful and in terms of prizes, ESL ONE must find that they are right. Since despite the less spectacular figure that is distributed in their tournaments, these have nothing to envy to the aforementioned.

Last year we were able to see the premiere of ESL ONE , a new event held in two luxury cities and two luxury stadiums. The first city chosen was New York and the venue for the event was none other than Madison Square Garden Theater . In Europe we also had our ESL ONE in Frankfurt , specifically at the Commerzbank Arena . In the New York version of the event, 132,000 dollars were distributed and in the German version, 210,900 dollars. But this year and after the enormous success of the ESL event, it has reached a million dollars to distribute,$ 250,000 minimum per tournament and they announce that they are not going to stay here and that they will try to increase this figure.

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