Gfinity wants to build another e-Sports stadium in the UK

Gfinity has stated that it would like to build its own dedicated e-Sports stadium in the UK following recent news that the first of these would be ready by 2015.

The British company that organizes e-Sports events, Gfinity , signed a collaboration agreement in February with the London cinema chain Vue to create a stadium dedicated to e-Sports in London . After this, the CEO of Gfinity , Neville Upton has stated that they would like to have their own stadium and larger than the one already mentioned (which has a capacity for around 600 people). He has also stated that for now the first stadium in the United Kingdom will help the region become a center with great activity for e-Sports and where there will be a large community.

The importance and value of building stadiums for these electronic sports in the Anglo-Saxon country is that in the United Kingdom there are around five million fans of e-Sports. This community is constantly growing and these stadiums would represent a great advance and support for the development of various competitions.

For the time being, throughout this year, the British company will host the 2015 Gfinity Championship , in which there will be professional competitions for Fifa, Call of Duty, Starcraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This competition will last several months, since it will begin in March and will last until September.

It is not surprising that the trend to build stadiums to host e-Spors events is on the rise, since it is a market in full swing and is also attracting a large number of advertisers and televisions, so it is beginning to be a really interesting business for different companies and the construction of these stadiums would help increase said profits.

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