FaceIt League already has a destination for the finals in London

The English capital will host the final of the FaceIt League for the first time, more specifically between May 1 and 3 at the league’s own studios in London. There will be 8 teams that will attend the FaceIt studios to compete for a total prize pool, which is expected to be $270,000, a very considerable prize.

The first phase of these finals we highlight eight teams, which will be divided by region as follows, two are from North America, one from Oceania and the remaining five in Europe. To represent the US, the two teams will be  eLevate and Team Liquid , thus guaranteeing a spot in their respective leagues, leaving behind teams like CLG or Cloud9 who weren’t so lucky. On the part of Oceania, Team Immunity will be present .

The other 5 remaining teams in Europe have not yet confirmed their places because the league is still being played, about to end this week. In addition, the FaceIt organization will also offer various trips to fans who follow the tournament and play on the platform, through its “community nights”. To participate in these community nights you can do so through this link that we leave below. The winners will have the paid trip to the venue, as well as special access. More information about the event will be released in the coming days.

European Community Nights: Link

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