Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps positions, tips and tricks

Today I would like to talk about the name of the positions of the maps of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but more oriented to competitive MatchMaking (MM from now on). I have chosen 5 of the most played maps to detail them, normally each one calls the positions of these maps as he knows, in the way he sees fit, as they have been told or sound like. It is true that there is no written rule of what each position is called, but there is an approximation regarding the names in English, especially when playing competitive MM since we will play with people from other countries and we will have to communicate in English if we do not play with 4 partners who speak our mother tongue. I have also added videos on how to throw grenades at key points to help both sides both to attack and defend themselves as well as some typical strategies.

Map of_dust2

The mythical map needs no introduction, but we are going to do it for those who are new. As in any planting bomb map, there are 2 objectives, A and B, being the point of B the furthest to cover by the CT that with a good rush from the Terro, the CT that are going to cover can perfectly win the position, unlike in A. It has always been said that Dust 2 is a map that dominates the terrorist side because it is supposed to be easier to beat the CT. There are 2 ways to enter A, by long ( Long ) or by stairs ( Short)and it is always covered with 2 CT minimum, with a 2A – 1 medium – 2 B configuration. Although personally, I have always played 3A (2 in Short and 1 in Long ) 1 Medium, and 1 B. The one in the middle always sees if someone enters through Shorts and also covers itself by means of and supports both pump points. B, on the other hand, is a fairly strategic point since it is very difficult to access it at first, with enough positions to cover that the Terro do not easily access since the only way to enter is by tunnel if they have not won the middle position. There are endless ways to cover this map depending on the strategy that we want to implement in the different rounds as the game progresses. As you can see, there are some names of positions that differ quite a bit from those known in Spanish, such as leras,  graffiti,   rapid, and some more, but in general, all names are universal in English. I also leave you a video of how to throw the smoke grenades and flash grenades to support yourself in them both from CT to defend and from Terro to attack, cutting off the visibility of the enemies.

Map of_inferno

The Inferno map, perhaps the second most popular map next to Nuke, this map is said to be the most balanced in the game, perhaps pulling a little more towards the CT side. The specific area in the image where Truck Side appears is more commonly called  Quad. In this map, there are 2 media or centers so to speak, proper middle ( Middle ) and secondary ( Alt Middle ) in the objective of A, something complicated to control in the CT part. The Terro on this map tends to do 2 types of initial rushes, the medium one towards A and the Banana one towards B. Generally the medium rush, smoke is usually thrown towards the arc (Arch ) and moves on the right side looking at apartments and the Quad / Pit area, while rushing to B flash grenades are usually thrown above the car to blind the enemies defending inside the point, the smoke is meant to cover access from the CT base. A good strategy to enter A is to smoke in the middle and arc and advance 3 Terro through Truck Side and 2 through apartments until you reach the point and plant. The B zone is easier for CTs to cover as the Banana and Basket positions are prone to receiving all kinds of grenades. One way to cover B defensively is 1 o’clock and another from the base, the point guard can support both one objective and the other, but almost always more players are allocated to cover the area of ​​​​A. As in the previous map, another video to acquire that tactical advantage with the grenades.

Map of_nuke

Another veteran, the situation of objectives A and B in this map, is different from the previous ones since unlike in Dust 2 and Inferno, which were at different points and far from the map, in Nuke the point of B is right in the lower floor with respect to point A, although the way to enter both points is very different. On this occasion, the easy side will be the CT side since it is a map that is covered very well and you can quickly get to support a teammate in another objective that has lost position. In addition, all the entrances for the Terro are bottlenecks where they cannot be deployed but have to go together, being a perfect target. for a barrage of grenades. The most difficult area to cover is the outside where the Terro can best come out on top. But not everything is an advantage for the CT, since if the Terro team takes an objective, it is also easy to defend, leaving the one who defuses the bomb exposed. Perhaps the most effective strategy when attacking is to go outside, and throw smoke grenades in the warehouse ( Big Garage ) I have also heard that this position is called Mac or Warehouse, Long is also missing, which goes from Secret to Doors, all that aisle is Long. To the position of Mini that appears on the map, it is usually Main(main), as I mentioned at the beginning there is no universal name, and perhaps on this map, you will notice more the change of name to the positions.

Map of_mirage

Mirage is a fairly balanced map although the CT side may dominate. One of the predominant factors on this map for the Terro is to control the mid zone, as they can maneuver very well towards both objectives. The most used tactics, in the beginning, are to rush through apartments with smoke and flash grenades in B and rush A to cover the CT Stairs and Jungle. It’s quite easy to throw smoke grenades well from the Terro base if you position yourself correctly, which allows you to cut off possible rushes to forward TC positions. Covering this blue side map is quite simple, 2 at each point and one controlling Middleto know which zone the teammates have to shoot towards, he almost always usually covers with an AWP from the window and can cover A well looking at the palace from the Jungle, or go to B and support from the kitchen. There are quite a few places where he can cover well without being exposed, which is the most important thing, you simply have to be aware of where your rivals are, to rotate and move fearlessly around the map. There are quite a few strategies in this map and enough versatility to be creative, especially controlling the mid-zone as I have indicated before.


Another predominant map for the CT part, although not as Nuke. In order not to vary too much, control of the central zone is a key and decisive factor for both sides. The Terro will have to cover medium at almost all times to enter B you can use the window in the garden area of ​​the Hall ( Flash Window ) to throw a Molotov and a flash grenade, along with a couple of smoke grenades in Heaven and Nav, with this you ensure total control of the objective, coordinated with the team there should be no problems. To enter A, basically, you have to throw smoke grenades to cut off the vision they may have from the middle and make it difficult for those who are by Truck and allow clean access, it is also good to control the Squeaky area (the door) to mislead rivals. To cover this map, a standard one is used as we have seen before with 2 at each point and 1 in the middle. The elevated areas in the CT positions give an advantage against the Terro that come to attack, speaking of Balcony in A and Heaven in B. Be careful in the part of A with the tricks of making noise with the door and in the middle with the ducts, you have to be a little careful and not get carried away. As in Mirage, it can be covered fairly well without being exposed too much.

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