NiP announces its e-Sports summer camp in Sweden

NiP has officially announced that they will carry out a summer camp in the town of Nynäshamn (Sweden), with a duration of three days and a theme totally dedicated to e-Sports .

Over three days in June, the NiP eSports Summer Camp will have a total of 300 attendees . There they will be able to learn and improve their skills in CS:GO and Dota2 thanks to the help of the Ninjas in Pajamas players themselves , who will give practical classes throughout the stay.

The camp will be called “ Area08 ” and will take place in Nynäsham, Sweden, which is located just outside of Stockholm. NiP will host the camp in cooperation with Eventosaurus, a company specializing in event organization and management.

The event will be focused on direct learning through practice and teachings from professional players and managers, allowing attendees to check the new knowledge acquired in real time game.

Apart from game-level instruction, they will also learn how to take care of their physical well -being outside of the game and a course on manners and ethics within video games, courtesy of the Swedish organization Friends.

Project manager Andjela Kusmuk has confirmed that “ Area08 ” will not have an age limit but there will be three days in which alcohol consumption will be strictly prohibited. The organization is also considering providing two price packages : one for people who bring their own equipment (computer, mouse, keyboard, …) and another for people who want to rent it during their stay.

Original Source: HLTV

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