Ocelote retires as a professional player

Carlos ‘ Ocelote’ Rodríguez, the famous Spanish League of Legends player and founder of Gamers2, has announced that he is retiring as a professional player.

The decision to abandon his role as a professional player was something that had been speculated on the network for some time. Finally, what many thought has ended up happening. The player has issued a statement through a video on his YouTube account in which he announces his retirement as a professional. As he states in said video, Ocelote has made this decision to fully focus on the management and administration of the  Gamers2 club, which was founded by himself on February 24, 2014. According to the player, many things in his life have changed in recent times and this is one of these changes for which he feels very happy. However, this will not be the end of him as a player, as he has also stated that he will finally have time to do other things that he wanted to do. From now on he will stream just for fun.

In this way, he closes his stage as a League of Legends professional. A stage in which he lived great moments. He started for Dimegio Club in 2010, when the game was still in beta. From there he was able to move on to SK Gaming, where he carved out his figure and got most of the success from him. Finally, in 2013, he left the German club to later become part of Gamers2.

Ocelote has also been interviewed by e-sports journalist Duncan ‘ Thorin ‘ Shields. In this interview, the player has clarified various questions about his retirement and his immediate future, and more information about his career and professional experience can be known. He has stated that  Gamers2 is going to be his top priority. He intends to continue working to make the club grow and continue helping to promote the development of this industry.

Recently, the player published his book  “Your dreams begin here”, in which from his individual experience he tells how to overcome challenges and fight for personal dreams.

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