Orange, champion of the ESL Legendary Series Katowice 2015

Orange has been the champion of this second edition of the ESL Legendary Series Katowice 2015  in which the best Hearthstone players in the world faced each other for a total prize of 30,000 dollars.

This competition celebrated its second edition this year. Hearthstone returned to the Spodek Arena in Katowice a year after the start of said competition. On this occasion, there was a total of 30,000 dollars to distribute in the different prizes and a total of 16 players competed in the finals. In addition, players would not only win money, but also earn points to qualify for the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship. 

In relation to the competitors, 8 players would arrive by direct invitation from the organization and 8 would arrive after qualifying in a qualifying round. For those who have had to qualify, 5 places are for players who came from Europe, 2 from Poland and one from North America. The 16 players would face each other and the eight that turn out to be the best would go to Katowice to play the grand final.

The eight who finally made it to Katowice were James , Inderen , Radu , Orange , Lifecoach , Nalguidan , Amaz and SirKristjan . These have faced each other in different qualifiers in search of winning the championship. In the quarterfinals that have been played in these playoffs, the matches and the results were as follows:

James (1) – (3) Inderen

Radu (2) – (3) Orange

Lifecoach (1) – (3) Spanking

Amaz (3) – (1) SirKristjan

Later, Inderen would face Orange and Nalguidan against Amaz . Orange and Amaz would result from these duels as the two winners and finalists who would face each other in the final. On the one hand, the Swedish Orange endorsed Inderen  3-0 using his druid deck in the first two matches and his mage deck in the third and decisive duel. On the other hand, Hong Kong’s Amaz beat Nalguidan  3-2 despite starting losing the first duel and ending up 2-2, the easterner managed to win the decisive duel with his warrior deck against Nalguidan ‘s hunter deckand manage to overcome a few final moments in which Nalguidan had 11 more life points than him.

The final that was fought between Orange and Amaz  had a final result of 3-0 in favor of the Swedish Orange . This began with a duel between the Amaz mage deck and the Orange hunter deck that opted for the Swedish side and his beasts, thus putting the 1-0 on the scoreboard. In the second game, Orange used the rogue and Amaz the priest. In a great final play, Orange managed to put 22 points of damage on his rival and thus took the second victory. The third and last duel was as intense as the previous ones. Amaz repeated with her priest mallet and Orangehe used the warrior with which he would manage to lower his rival’s score from 20 life points to 1 and in the next play finish off the combat. Orange took the championship and glory from Katowice.

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