Origen, the ‘xPeke’ team, beat Gamers2 at MWC

During the  Mobile World Congress , Origen and Gamers2 faced each other to see who would take the title of champion of the ESL MWC Challenge and the 10,000 euros prize for the winner. The loser would not leave empty-handed either, since he would pocket 2,000 euros corresponding to second place.

Once again, the classic duel between Enrique ‘ xPeke ‘ Cedeño-Martínez and Carlos ‘ ocelote ‘ Rodríguez ended with the victory of the former. This time they did not face each other in the Midlane personally, but through their teams, although the former Fnatic member still retains the position that has given him so many triumphs. Until minute 16, Gamers2, a team founded by ‘ocelote’, was in the lead, but from that moment on, Origen, a team led by ‘xPeke’, took the lead and although Gamers2 defended itself like a wounded lion, the victory ended up in the hands originally.

The second game differed from the first in the absolute and constant superiority of Origen from minute 1 and as expected they took the game in 30 minutes . Gamers2 was most likely demoralized after the first loss, but don’t forget that they were facing a player of the caliber of ‘xPeke’, which is not insignificant. The important thing is that both teams made an effort and fought hard and showed that giving up was not among their plans, which in itself is an achievement and a victory both for them as a team and for the fans who were able to enjoy such a competition. high quality.

ESL could not miss an opportunity such as the  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For this international event, he had prepared another tournament apart from the one mentioned above. The Major ESL Arena faced the Spanish teams Overgaming and SalsaLoL , ending with a day of League of Legends that left us as the winner SalsaLoL with 3,000 euros more in his pocket after a 2-0 victory against some bulls with almost no options.

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