Zest Wins StarCraft II IEM Katowice 2015

Joo “Zest” Sung Wook has become the winner of the StarCraft II IEM Katowice 2015 at just 22 years old . During these days one of the biggest events in the world within e-Sports has been held in the Polish city, and where 16 of the best players in the world met to fight for a total prize of 117,707 dollars .

Among the 16 applicants was not “sOs”, who took the glory last year after beating “herO” , who did make a presence at the event, falling in the quarterfinals against “BByong” . “Solar” , “hydra” , “Life” , “Flash” , “Rain” ,” Patience” and “Taeja” were the other seven who fell in the first round.

On the one hand, “Zest” was winning with a tight 3-2 victory, first against “hydra” and in the quarterfinals against “INnoVation” . The semifinal already had a more comfortable result, with a 3-1 against the terrans of “BByong” . On the other side of the draw was “Trap”, also a Protoss player, who went through 3-2 in the first round against “Flash” and in the second against “FanTaSy”. In the semifinals he met the Zerg from “Dark” , whom he defeated 3-1.

After this we already had the grand finale ready. The trophy was going to go to South Korea in any case, since the 16 participants were from this country, which reigns in the Blizzard RTS. “Zest” added the first two maps, first Overgrowth LE and then Catallena LE, to his win counter. But “Trap” still did not give up the game and gained strength to take victory in less than 20 minutes at Vaani Research Station. Although “Zest” took a new step by taking over the next map, Deadwing LE, to conclude by being crowned winner of the competition in Expedition Lost LE.

“Zest” has pocketed with this victory 68,707 dollars and 1,500 WCS points . Second place earns “Trap” $15,000 and 800 WCS points, while both “BByong” and “Dark” add the $7,000 corresponding to third and fourth place, plus 550 WCS points each. Below you can see the five games that were played in the grand final.

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