fnatic wins ESL One Katowice 2015

One of the most anticipated tournaments by the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive community , the ESL One Katowice 2015 , had quite big claims to destroy the numbers of the previous editions with the best teams in the world live during four long days of competition .

Group stage

In Group A , we had a clear example of the power and experience of a team like fnatic , where they went over Vox Eminor and Na`Vi like a steamroller , passing as first in the group with two clear victories and with a second Na`Vi qualified, strong against the smaller teams in the group, but with many doubts and mistakes against the favorite team in the group.

In Group B , we had a lot of surprises and huge matches, maybe we could call it the “ group of death ”. Team EnVyUs closed their pass as first in the group beating Titan and LGB , being two games loaded with a high voltage of great plays and spectacle. On the other hand, PENTA Sports showed why they are being one of the most consistent teams in Europe, beating Titan, with a crushing 16-4, and later LGB in a tiebreaker match, which kept us tense until the last moment.

In Group C , both NiP and Keyd Stars proved in the group stage, why they should qualify leaving HellRaisers or CLG behind , with the American team doing quite poorly being unable to win more than 10 rounds per match.

In Group D , with the great favorite and champion of an ESL One Virtus.Pro , it was clear who had to go through two resounding victories against 3DMAX and Cloud9 . On the other hand, TSM had to put their best foot forward to qualify in tough matchups against Virtus.Pro , 3DMAX and Cloud9 .


With the group stage now closed, we got to know the eight teams qualified for the group stage of this ESL One Katowice 2015 . fnatic , Na`Vi , Team EnVyUs , PENTA Sports , NiP , Keyd Stars , Virtus.Pro and TSM would have three elimination rounds ahead of them that would decide their future, be eliminated or win the crown of winners.

fnatic overcame PENTA Sports in the quarterfinals with a convincing 2-0 and barely letting the German team react in the two maps played in the series, de_inferno with a 16-8 and de_cache with a 16-7. Little is worth noting about this match in which the Swedish team was far superior to its rival.

Once the Germans had been overcome, it was time to face Virtus.Pro , one of the clear contenders for the title in this ESL One Katowice 2015 to repeat the title and clear up the existing doubts about their somewhat unstable level in the last competitions played. The first de_cbble map had to be resolved in a tight overtime where fnatic won 19-17. On the second map, de_mirage , we assumed that Virtus.Pro could tie the tie as one of their most played and trained maps, eventually getting another 16-8 loss with some incredible rounds of T from the Swedish team. again fnaticHe showed why he deserved a place in the final with a high level of play and rapport between his players.

On the other side of the bracket, Ninjas in Pajama began with a 2-1 victory against the TSM team , going to the semifinals with some mistakes made that were somewhat highlighted in their performance and that perhaps for all the fans it was not something usual in this great team.

In the semifinals, it was time to play the tie against the French team of Team EnVyUs , another of the great favorites to reach the final of this ESL One Katowice 2015 for being one of the most aggressive, most skilled and most tactical quintets in the current competitive scene. The first map, de_cache , closed with a 16-9 in favor of NiP and with an absolutely unleashed friberg with absolutely incredible rounds, the French team having to look for a tie in a second map. The chosen map was de_dust2 , one of the most open maps in terms of options for terrorists and with a huge ability to turn matches around for it. NiPhe was really solid on both sides, both CT and T, eventually earning a 16-10 win and a bye to the final, where fnatic would await him for one of the most epic finals ever seen at ESL One .

The Grand Final: fnatic vs NiP

Sunday, March 15, 1:00 p.m. and more than 500,000 people waiting for this high-voltage final to begin, facing two of the best teams in the world for titles, experience and skill. Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner would be in charge, for the last time, of presenting the opening ceremony of this exciting final.

The first map chosen was de_dust2 , where we could see a continuous “give and take” by both teams with a very tight result, which would mean that everything would have to be decided in the last two rounds of the map. With fnatic as T and NiP from CT the deciding round ended up falling to the terrorists’ side, finishing 16-14 and going 1-0 in the tie and forcing Ninjas in Pajamas to come from behind to stay alive in the final.

It would be NiP’s turn to play everything for everything in de_cache , one of his most chosen maps in competitions and without a doubt with a T side for them quite remarkable. It all started with some pretty bad rounds from CT’s fnatic , giving up a total of 7 rounds to NiP and giving them a clear lead on this map. As we have already said, NiP had not yet said the last word, with a once again immeasurable friberg pulling his team’s car round after round and a flusha that for his first major event with NiP showed his great potential throughout the tournament. Finally Ninjas in Pajamasclosed the map with a resounding 16-9, putting fear into the body of their rivals, clinging to the final again.

Third and last map that would close this ESL One Katowice 2015 , the mythical de_inferno being chosen . For two teams from the tactical level of NiP and fnatic , everyone was rubbing their hands hoping it would be the most exciting decisive map yet. Fnatic began by rolling over NiP on the CT side with an 11-4 aggregate , a result that would be devastating and very disappointing for any team. But NiP again was not going to allow the prize to come out so extremely cheap, going back a total of 9 rounds, although being insufficient before the temperance and good work offnatic , who finally managed to win 16-13 and therefore with this heart-stopping final.

The final prize distribution is as follows:

3-4Team EnVyUs$22,000
5-8PENTA Sports$10,000
5-8Keyd Stars$10,000
5-8Team SoloMid$10,000
9-12Vox Eminor$2,000
13-16FlipSid3 Tactics$2,000
13-16Hell Raisers$2,000

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